2019/2020 On Campus

Common Core I: Research Project Management A19/20 (15DOCC001-A19/20)

This module addresses essential research skills that all SOAS PhD students need to develop regardless of their disciplines.

Common Core II: Technology-Enhanced Research A19/20 (15DOCC002-A19/20)

This module aims to help all SOAS PhD students across the institution develop the necessary knowledge and skills for conducting high-quality research in the digital age.

Digital Skills and Technology A19/20 (155100003-A19/20)

In this module, students develop core skills and competencies relating to digital technology and media,  website design, video production and editing, and sound recording and production. An introduction is provided to key contemporary concepts related to our digital age and the impact of digital technology on societies. Students apply the skills and competencies that they have developed in the creation of a digital portfolio. They are encouraged to think about their online self-presentation through social media and other networking tools. The skills and competencies developed during the module are used by students in other Foundation Year modules and during subsequent years of undergraduate study. The digital portfolio that students begin is continued in the term 2 module Cultural Fluency.