Study Abroad and Exchange 2017/18 (Study Abroad and Exchange 17/18)

Welcome to the Moodle page for the 2017/18 Study Abroad and Exchange programme! 

You will find all important forms, deadlines and other info on here, as well as the website.

Centre of Jaina Studies (Centre of Jaina Studies)

The aim of the Centre of Jaina Studies (COJS) is to promote the study of Jaina religion and culture by providing an interdisciplinary platform for academic research, teaching and publication in the field of Jaina Studies.

The Centre promotes the following activities:

  • Research projects in Jaina Studies.
  • Dissemination of new research through the Centre's publications and website.
  • Academic conferences, workshops, seminars, symposia and exhibitions.
  • Public lectures in Jaina Studies by leading scholars.
  • Academic exchange programmes.
  • Courses on Jainism, and postgraduate research in Jaina Studies at SOAS.
  • Expanding the resources relating to Jaina Studies in the SOAS Library.
  • Establishing links with individuals and institutions with an academic interest in Jaina Studies.

Centre for the Study of Pakistan (Centre for the Study of Pakistan)

The Centre for the Study of Pakistan's purposes are to:

  1. promote research and teaching in the study of Pakistan, both contemporary and historical, across a range of disciplines at SOAS
  2. bring together and publicise the range of work on Pakistan underway at SOAS, to build synergies between staff working on Pakistan and to encourage and facilitate fund raising for such initiatives
  3. work towards developing an interdisciplinary MA programme in the Study of Contemporary Pakistan
  4. foster and facilitate links between SOAS and other individuals and institutions in the UK and abroad who are engaged in academic study of Pakistan across various disciplines
  5. develop outreach programmes to disseminate knowledge of Pakistan to a wider public through a variety of events including workshops, conferences, exhibitions, film and performance arts
  6. promote understanding of Pakistan in all its aspects to involve Pakistan communities and diasporic groups and to organise joint events, as and when appropriate.

Centre for Korean Studies (Centre for Korean Studies)

Created in 1987 with the kind support of the Korea Research Foundation, and subsequently the Korea Foundation, the Centre has been the leading academic centre of its kind in Great Britain since its establishment. It coordinates work done on Korea in various departments of the School, and offers expert knowledge and advice on Korea to interested outside parties.

Japan Research Centre (Japan Research Centre)

The Japan Research Centre (JRC) has been the forum for Japan -related research activities at SOAS since 1978. The JRC develops and coordinates academic research and teaching, drawing upon the expertise of the Japan specialists who are based in various departments throughout the School.