African and Asian Diasporas. Migration, Space, Identity (UG) A20/21 (151802052-A20/21)

African and Asian Diasporas. Migration, Space, Identity (UG)

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Year 2 or Year 3
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Term 1

What is migration? Is this the “age of migration”? What is Diaspora and what challenges do diasporic communities bring to modern political constructions such as the nation-state, national “imagined” communities, citizenship and their associated metaphysics of sedentarism? This course will explore these issues by critically engaging with the ways in which migration and diaspora have been understood historically and in modern and contemporary times. Different theories, approaches, and disciplinary angles will be introduced and discussed. We will also consider what de-colonising approaches to migration and diaspora might look like.

By drawing on established and less charted bodies of work on migration studies, diaspora and identity, postcolonial and de-colonial studies the course offers an interdisciplinary approach to the emergence of diasporas, the reformulation of 'home' and the simultaneous instability and reinforcement of nation-states. The second part of the course offers ethnographic explorations of borders and of the governmentalities of migration. We will examine how the bio-political control of migration is practiced at borders and on bodies, shaping migrant and refugee journeys and subjectivities. Ethnographies of migration and diaspora will offer a lens into wider lived and embodied experiences of time, space and identities in the contemporary times.