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All Students - 2014-15 Timetables now available

All Students - 2014-15 Timetables now available

by Linda O'Sullivan -
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The new and improved Teaching Timetable for 2014-15 is now available from the timetable website:

 Please note that this timetable includes only lectures or whole-group seminars. Tutorial group will be added in the summer and final room allocations will be released in September. You need to use your student number to access your timetable. Please note that only verified courses from student sign up will appear on your timetable; there can be slight delay for verification before choices appear.

 Clashes in your timetable – what to do.

SOAS has a very free curriculum with many choices for students; where many students pick a certain combination of courses we undertake to make sure that they are not clashed at the same day and time.

Occasionally you may have to pick a different option if constraints on teaching staff hours and space mean we cannot move your current choice course to a different slot. Your faculty office can offer support and advice on choosing and changing courses. You can also contact the convenor of the course listed in the timetable.

 If you have any other queries about the courses appearing on your timetable please contact the relevant Faculty Office for advice and help.

To find out more about how the timetable is produced, please take a look at our Policy and FAQs pages