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ADD workshops for students

ADD workshops for students

by Sultan Wadud -
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Dear Students

We hope your revision is going well – please be advised of workshops running this week:

Workshops offered this coming week are all on the theme of exam preparation:

1 Exam Techniques Monday 27th April 1-3pm room 4429
2 Exam Techniques Tuesday 28th April 5-7pm room 4426
3 Dealing with Exam Pressure using CBT Techniques Wednesday 29th April 1-3pm room 4429
4 Self-hypnosis for exam anxiety Wednesday 29th April 5-6pm room 4246
5 Exam Techniques Thursday 30th April 5-7pm G50
6 Self-hypnosis for exam anxiety Friday 1st May 2-3pm room 4429

Please look at the following link for dates and times of workshops for the next few weeks.