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Need help with exam revision?

Sultan Wadud
Need help with exam revision?
by Sultan Wadud - Tuesday, 3 May 2016, 9:43 AM

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Why not come along to one of our exam revision study skills workshops:

  • Exam Techniques - this workshop looks at the key skills required when preparing and doing an exam at SOAS.
  • Tools for Revision - this interactive session aims to give you a headstart on revision, with an overview of some of the many online tools for personal time management and mindmapping, such as Remember the Milk, Rescue Time and Mindmup.
  • Self-Hypnosis For Exam Anxiety - introduces you to simple self-hypnosis techniques to help manage revision and exam anxiety.
  • Dealing with Exam Pressure - a practical and interactive workshop covering the period before during and after an exam.  It will also introduce some 'first aid' methods of managing anxious feelings.
  • Language learning series: Vocabulary for exams - aimed at students learning languages at SOAS. It provides a range of techniques on how to find, learn, and memorise vocabulary, with the opportunity for Q&A
  • Language learning series: Grammar for exams - aimed at students learning languages at SOAS. It provides an overview/review of grammar terminology and structures, with the opportunity for Q&A.

For more information about when the above sessions are available please visit the Study Skills Workshop calendar