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Prompt return of marked work – our commitment

Prompt return of marked work – our commitment

by Linda O'Sullivan -
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We understand how important it is to have prompt feedback on the marking of your coursework as part of your studies here at SOAS.

Our marking policy sets a 21 day turnaround for marking for all modules, and 28 days for modules with more than 50 students enrolled.

To make it easier to see when feedback is due, we have created a useful calendar to show when marking should be returned.

The specific dates that apply to your modules should also be shown in Moodle/BLE, so please check there too.

Please note that SOAS closure days do not count towards the turnaround deadlines – so, for example, the marking return dates after Christmas are 21 days plus the 10 SOAS closure days.

The turnaround policy time does not apply if your term assignment is handed in late, but it does still apply if you have had an extension of your submission deadline due to disability,

If your term assignment is not returned in time, you can log this as an incident on SID