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New staff BLE training dates confirmed - January-March

New staff BLE training dates confirmed - January-March

by Sultan Wadud -
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Beginner - This practical workshop will introduce you to the Bloomsbury Learning Environment (BLE), and is aimed at those with no or little previous experience. You will learn the basics of adding and editing content to your courses online, plus some tips and tricks on ways of getting the most out of this powerful learning support tool.
- Tue 7th Feb, 10-12.30pm
- Tue 7th Mar, 10-12.30pm
- Tue 21st Mar, 2-4.30pm

- Following on from the beginner workshop you should now be ready to learn more about the many powerful features of Moodle. In this workshop you will learn how to copy content between courses, view what activity has taken place in your course, how to upload media content, create a quiz and a blog within your course.

- Wed 8th Feb, 2-4.30pm
- Wed 22nd Mar, 10-12.30pm

- This advanced level BLE workshop is targeted for users who feel confident with Moodle and what to try out some of the advanced features and tools that are available to enhance their courses.

- Set Grouping option to activities, files, links and topics to restrict access so that a particular selection of students can access it
- Add a Scheduler to a course to allow students to book appointments
- Insert RSS Feeds to a course so fresh content is available on a regular basis
- Utilise HTML blocks to make a course stand out, such as embedding a Twitter feed.
- Tue 21st Feb, 10-12.30pm
- Thu 23rd Mar, 10-12.30pm

Panopto - the university's centrally-supported tool for recording lectures, which is integrated to the BLE. It can record audio, video, your PowerPoint presentations etc
- Tue 24th Jan, 12-1pm (quick overview)
- Tue 31st Jan, 1-2pm (quick overview)
- Wed 22nd Feb, 12-1pm (quick overview)
- Tue 28th Feb, 10-12.30pm
- Thu 9th Mar, 10-12.30pm
- Wed 29th Mar, 10-11am (quick overview)

Quizzes - learn to design and build quizzes consisting of a large variety of question types, including multiple choice, true-false, and short answer questions. These questions are kept in the question bank and can be re-used in different quizzes.
- Wed 1st Mar, 2-4pm

To book for one of the above staff training sessions please complete the simple online booking form. If you experience any problems with the booking process please contact