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Library Scanning Service for Moodle Content via the Digital Content Store

Library Scanning Service for Moodle Content via the Digital Content Store

by Sultan Wadud -
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I just wanted to seize this opportunity to refresh the information about the scanning service the library offers to academic staff. In order to ensure compliance with copyright law and achieve consistency in scanning, SOAS Library has been scanning course material on behalf of academics for posting on to BLE. We have started work on material for this academic year (2017/2018) and I urge you to submit your lists via the prescribed form and designated email only (find link below) immediately so we can start working through them. 

We operate a strict "first come; first served" policy and cannot guarantee that materials will be ready on demand. No requests submitted via personal, other emails or format will be processed and this will delay the processing of your work.

In some cases, the materials requested are either on loan to other users and need to be recalled or are simply not held by the library which may require some liaison and collaboration between academics and subject librarians; hence the need to submit your lists on time. Please liaise with your academic staff promptly and as much as possible coordinate the submission of requests centrally. We are also happy to receive individual submissions from lecturers provided they use the designated email address and requisition form.  Could you kindly share this information with your academic staff and others who should be aware.

Please note that the library is not responsible for making decisions or offering advice on technical or legal issues around copyright and compliance; such queries must be referred to the Information Compliance team via their email do not take offence if such queries are neither acknowledged nor responded to.

The link below will take you to the information and FAQ page where you can also download the requisition form.

Ade Aderemi
Customer Services Manager