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How To Find Your Modules on the BLE

How To Find Your Modules on the BLE

by Linda O'Sullivan -
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The BLE is updated twice a day, midday and 2AM, using data sent to us from Registry.  Your enrolments on the BLE will appear once they have cleared the Registry systems.  The BLE team have no control over when these enrolments are added to the update files. 

In the meantime all modules are available to all students for the first 3 weeks of term.  To find your modules look for the Course Search box in the top right of the screen

Type in all or part of the name or the course.  You can also use the module code.  Scroll down until you see the 17/18 version of the module.  There will be a small person symbol at the right of the module name which indicates that the module has guest access enabled

Click on the module name to gain access to the course materials.

Your modules will appear over the next week or two.  If you have NO modules showing by the end of the first week of teaching you will need go visit the Student Hub to check you have completed enrolment.