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You are invited: come and find out about the UK Open Textbooks Network

You are invited: come and find out about the UK Open Textbooks Network

by Linda O'Sullivan -
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Help lower textbook costs for students

Are you a lecturer or other member of staff in your institution who is concerned about the impact of high textbook costs on your students? Explore possible open textbook solutions by attending a two-hour workshop. This workshop is an opportunity to find out more, to get involved in writing a textbook review, or in follow-up evaluations, and perhaps collaborate on a textbook, as part of the UK Open Textbook project.

Did you know...?

  • The high cost of some course materials can impede students’ academic success. We know from further research that having to work during term-time also can hinder student progress.
  • The National Union of Students estimates that the average student can spend over £1000 on textbooks and supplies, and research from the US shows similar amounts.
  • The cost of textbooks is rising at a rate of 4 times inflation.
  • 88% of students claimed to have skipped purchasing a textbook because of the cost and 9% claimed to have changed courses (UK research).

Open textbooks

Open textbooks can help alleviate the burden of textbook costs for students and provide teaching staff with content that can be customised for their course. Open textbooks are full, real textbooks, used by many instructors in North America, and these books are licensed to be freely used, edited, and distributed.

What you can do

Attend the Open Textbook Workshop — a two-hour session where you can discover open textbooks in your field. After the workshop, you’ll be asked to write a short review of an open textbook from the Open Textbook Library. Your review will benefit other staff considering open textbooks. You’ll receive a voucher for your participation and written review.


The workshop will take place at the Birkbeck School of Arts building (43 Gordon Square) and will be offered twice on Thursday 14 December from 10-12 and 1-3. Lunch will be provided in between. 


If you would like to attend one of the sessions please sign up here

For further details, please contact Leo Havemann (Learning Technologist) at Birkbeck (