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Ordering Library Resource Materials for 2013/14

Ordering Library Resource Materials for 2013/14

by Javiera Atenas -
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As this year closes the Library wants to order material for 2013/14 asap.

Reading Lists

Faculty Officers will assemble Reading Lists & forward to Subject Librarians.  Please submit your Reading Lists to the Faculty Officers as soon as possible.  Please feel free to discuss any issues with Subject Librarians.  

A list of Subject staff is here;

Multiple Copies

…are books which every student must read or refer to regularly.  

Reading Lists may cite up to 10 titles for multiple copies.

Where an electronic copy of a book (ebook) exists a maximum 4 copies the hardcopy will be bought.

Electronic Journals

The Library offers access to over 35,000 electronic journals. When citing journal articles on Reading Lists please try to use these resources rather than journals to which we have no subscriptions.

A list of SOAS' e-journals can be found at:

Urgent requests..

One-off & urgent requests for books can be sent directly to;

Marcos Carbonell,  

Book recommendation forms are here;

E Resources recommendation forms are here;

Patron Driven Acquisition (PDA)

Staff & students can now loan and buy ebooks from 85,000 titles on Ebrary.  See…

Peter McCormack

Asst. Dir. ABS, Library