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Guest access turn-off for 2021/22 modules

by Steven Mayfield -
Guest access has been enabled for all modules at the start of term to allow for enrolments to be processed, and for students to commence their studies without delay.

Guest access has now been turned off for all modules in 2021/22.

If you cannot access your modules, please check you have completed all stages of the enrolment process, including fee payment. Please contact your department who will be able to check your student record.

All enrolments are managed by the Registry and cannot be processed by BLE Support.

A guide on how to download your marked essays

by Evroy Carty -

There is a limited time for downloading your marked submission. This is available up to September, the beginning of term. Failure to download before the end of the duration; the result will be no access to retrieve the marked work.  

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